We are getting a great response from the early save the date emails sent out for our CLO Forum on March 21 next year, which we are running with the Future of Work Consortium. A wide range of companies, including Solvay, Body Shop and Deutsche Telekom have already signed up.

The Theme for this the event will be “Democratising learning: fostering a community-driven approach”: The combined effect of technology advances and the demands of a new generation is driving a radical transformation in corporate learning. A highly networked and tech savvy generation is impatient with the old ways of learning. In a fast changing world, in which job mobility is increasing and business strategies shift rapidly, companies need to be able to train their people quickly, consistently and cost-effectively. However, with few exceptions, all companies continue to run their leadership and workforce development in the same way. The forum will explore new ways for companies to achieve learning goals, how to encourage employees to collaborate and build communities which drive learning, and how to use new technologies. During the course of the day we shall hear from a number of companies about their current experiences.

We shall be joined by several experts and speakers including author, business school professor and Founder of the Future of Work consortium, Lynda Gratton, as well as the former education minister, Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth, who now acts as a consultant to Apple and other companies advising on the use of technology in education and employment.

If you want further details please email cloforum@ososim.com