Virtual training programme including custom simulations and face-to-face training event.

A major global investment bank was going through a transformation journey. People change was a key initiative, focused on six behavioural mindsets. The HR leadership was faced with the challenge of bringing these mindsets to life through a development programme for a significantly increased talent population, in an accelerated period of time, but with a restricted budget.

In less than five months, the bank and Ososim launched the programme to a first cohort of 130 emerging leaders located in nineteen countries, working across 10 business lines.  They created a four and a half month learning journey, including four custom simulations experienced virtually, multiple debrief and reflection points and one concluding 24 hour face to face event.  The custom simulations could be accessed by teams from different locations, leveraged a dynamic team based platform, and worked with 10 senior leaders to act as Team Advisers.

The aims of the new programme were to:
•    Increase the understanding of the bank’s mindsets and behaviours;
•    Create and strengthen a network amongst participants across the bank;
•    Help participants get to know the broader banking group;
•    Practice and reflect on ethical behaviours and conduct; and
•    Appreciate the benefits of diversity in a team and the organisation overall.

Engagement levels were maintained and increased during the programme with feedback consistently matching or exceeding previous face-to-face programmes.  The programme succeeded in bringing to life the mindsets and exceeded all expectations in the strength of the new and diverse relationships formed, the collaborative mindset it fostered and the new model for leadership it encouraged.

“The programme is a great model for how virtual programmes can engage large numbers of talented, busy people over an extended period of time and forge new relationships as strong as any traditional face to face programme.”
 Head of Human Resources
“The success of the program, and the high scores it received from participants throughout the programme, show new ways of delivering learning without sacrificing quality in any way.”
Global Head, L&D Academy